Who can say they’ve honestly been in love? 

Its an overwhelming feeling. My self centred world allowed a fallen angel to land in the garden of my hearts deepest desires.

He wasn’t someone new, but someone who had always infactuated me with curiousity and wonder from when I was nothing but a 10 year old wanting to grow up. I watched from a distance, we talked a few times…but nothing was there then..

He came back into my life in January, through something I love. Or once did. The playstation 4. The online world is full of new and wonderful things. This is where we blossomed. Stayed up until the early hours of morning, talking endlessly about our lives. I love how our paths crossed. It was beautiful, to feel so deeply about someone. Someone who had seen the darkest of days, could see me as his light.

It didnt take long for me to realise I loved this man, I’d never felt so passionate about anything.

I didnt change for him, I only followed my dream. Thats what love is to me. 

Acceptance and appreciation. I felt this feeling for some time, but time has changed and lies dead. But thats another tale 


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