2015 was a rollercoaster. A one with a que that stretches far beyond the railings. One where everything was well and great until my world turned upside down (literally).

I found someone I thought my life was going to spent with. It was blissful young love. But it wasnt just about him, much to everyones dismay. Theres more to love than a singularity. 

Ive made friendships, ones I didnt think in a life time would occur. In school, I’ve been labelled the quiet one. But suddenly, I became someone I wanted to be, or more the real me. The one that my close friends see and wish they hadn’t   everyday. 

I’ve seen people change dramatically, the older I get, the more I realise nobody stays the same. Me included. Ive seen other sides of myself, ones I dreamed of. Ive seen myself modelling. Strutting down a catwalk in a gown, feeling nothing but beauty glistening from my skin. I see myself as a social butterfly, out almost every weekend, not partying (95% of the time) but enjoying others company. I’ve seen myself deal with grief, pity, and betrayal. I’ve seen love . Ive seen achievement and goals. 

Its been a hell of a year, one I couldn’t forget. It wouldnt have been the same without everyone in my life, even if theyre not really in it now.


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