There’s been great loss. Maybe not as severe as others. But my loss was just as great.

I opened another chapter of that old relationship book, yet to be jammed close again. 

I accept his absence now. It’s meant to be this way, so I can go find another book to invest myself into. We have to realise things change, nothing can be as it was once upon a time.

I loved him so deeply. As much as it pains me, all of the heart break he caused me, all the tears, all of the texts sent to people that I wasn’t coping. It was an honour to love him.

Our anniversary was on the 18th of February. What could’ve been our first year. It was not celebrated as I had imagined. Instead I sat in silence. Appreciating what he made me.

Confident. Beautiful within my skin. Loving. Selfless. 

And I couldn’t thank him enough for teaching me to love myself when others wouldn’t.

The memories will stay with me forever as my first love. One day I’ll open that book back up and think back to when I fell hopelessly in young love. 

Thank you for loving me. ❤️


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